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Chocolate Baileys Tart

240 g flour
2 tbsp Cocoa
Pinch salt
3 tbsp sugar
70 g butter
60 g shortening
60ml water

Mix into a dough, don't over do it. Roll and place it in your pan. Pre bake into your pie plate for 10 minutes with some foil paper and rice for weight to avoid bumps. Remove foil and rice; bake for 5 more minutes and set aside.

2 cups 33% cream
14 oz good chocolate like Callebaut semi-sweet

2 eggs
1 yolk
1/3 cup of cocoa
1/2 cup mascarpone cheese
3 oz booze ; Baileys works well

Boil cream, remove from heat and add chocolate. Stir until smooth and melted. In a separate bowl, mix the cheese and cocoa then add the eggs- pour the warm chocolate mixture on the eggs mixture while mixing until smooth.
Add Baileys, but Kahlua or any other booze alike!

Pour filling into your crust and carefully put it in the oven. Bake until cooked uniformly - 30 to 40 minutes depending on the size of your pan. Big, low-rimmed flat pans will cook faster than small high-sided pans. Do not over cook it...this chocolate filling will settle nicely once cold.

Refrigerate for 4 to 8 hours and serve with Caramel Sauce.

If you want the caramel sauce recipe, just send me an email!

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