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Weekly BA-BE-CUE Recipes

Barbecue Recipes or BBQ recipes

Barbecue recipes can look pretty simple at times and that's OK. No one says that if you do really complex BBQ recipes you will have better results. In fact most of the great barbecue recipes I came across with are pretty easy to make and require not that many ingredients. If you are going to do any kind of BBQ recipes use the same ingredients as per the book or website.

I have noticed that many people will open a barbecue recipe book and start playing around with the recipes right away. My two cents is if you want to really appreciate the result and effort of the person who decided to open those barbecue tips and/or recipes to the general public, try it the first time without screwing around with it. It's like you would go to a museum and start adding some blue paint on a Picasso because you think it would look better or you know better. It's not about knowing better, it's about the fact that this was created like a piece art and it deserves respect.

After you try someone's barbecue recipes and you notice that it is not really tasting the way you or your family like it, by all mean go ahead and make some changes then find a place to post for the public to see because you just created your very own barbecue recipes. Not much is invented from scratch anymore, most good BBQ recipes were passed on from generations to generations and managed to get modified along the way. I love to experiment on my weekend off and I always write things down if I know that I may come up with a barbecue recipe that I want to use again one day. There is nothing more frustrating than to make a barbecue sauce recipe, serve it to your guests and everyone start raving about how great it is and you did not keep good notes when you actually made it. I did that a few times before I smarten up!

Barbecue recipes can be found in new books, old books, websites, and I found some fun ones too in really old books from the 50's or 60's, but the one issue was that in those days they loved using MSG and today it is not that popular anymore. If you would like to share your barbecue recipes with me, I would love to try them out and give you my two cents on it...


Barbecue or BBQ it's all the same

Barbecue or BBQ is something that North Americans have come to know has any gathering or people involving cooking outside. I think it is fine to call it that way as long as everyone understand that the word barbecue is actually a bit more than just turning up some gas burner and cooking a chicken breast.

Authentic barbecue is very simple, very old and very good. Barbecue is any food but mostly meat cooked without the use of gas and at a low temperature for a long time with wood or charcoal. Low and slow!

To grill means to cook foods over direct heat and cook it much faster than barbecue with gas, wood or charcoal. Nothing wrong with grilling as long as you take pride in what you do! Both methods can create amazing BBQ food, just way different end result.

In some area like Texas, Tennessee, Kansas and all the others, BBQ recipes are guarded with extreme care for future generation to be able to enjoy. Recipes passed on from father to son year after year. Republican or Democrat, red necks or yuppies all can agree on one thing, their BBQ is always the best! My favorite barbecue recipes have not been shared with more than 3 people and I plan on passing those recipes to my daughter when she gets old enough to understand the meaning of it and actually want to use them.

Which ever way you like to use the word barbecue, BBQ, or just plain "Q" it is a great way to get everyone involve and share stories. Not many words actually bring family together like barbecue!

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