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"To barbecue" means to slow-cook foods at a low temperature for a long time with wood or charcoal.

"To grill" means to cook foods over direct heat and cook it much faster than barbecue with gas, wood or charcoal.

Chicken Spatchcock

This word is hard to say while chewing on potato chips! When any poultry has been spatchcoked it means it has been partially boned and butterflied making it flat. It is much easier to marinate and/or cook something flat! I will tell you how you do that, it's very easy.

First pat dry your chicken with paper towel so it does not slide everywhere. Then put your chicken on your cutting board breast down. With a good knife or a good pair of kitchen scissors cut both sides of the backbone removing the entire thing. Now you grab your chicken and open it up flat on your cutting board. When you open it up you will hear cracking noises, it normal. You can now cook it flat on your grill. If you feel confident enough, most professional chefs also remove the breast bone. Using your fingers and a small knife cut very gently next to the bone but don't pierce the skin on the other side.

If ask your butcher he can do that for you, just ask to have your chicken butterflied.

Grilling a chicken spatchcock is much faster because the heat can hit everywhere all at once. When you grill a whole chicken, it takes a while for the heat to reach inside the empty cavity.

If you want to cook your chicken spatchcock extra fast, you can do some small incisions all over the breast and leg meat, but it can turn out dry if you don't watch it.

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