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Rabbit Hollow
Quaint Al Fresco Wedding Venue for up to 36 people Maximum.

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no one calls a car dealership and ask how much is a car?
no one calls a travel agency and ask how much to go on holiday?
no one calls a realtor and say how much is a house?
EXPECT to have to answer some questions before we can put a price together for your needs...

How much is this going to cost? We will provide you with a competitive price, it is in our best interest. When it comes to cost for your event it's not as simple as ordering a pizza. Before we can start talking about cost you will be asked a few questions. We really want to do a good job for you as well as wanting your money, so it is in our best interest at The Chef in Stead to figure out a menu and cost that works for you... so you hire us. If we cannot figure out a menu that fits your budget we obviously make zero money, and if we keep making zero money we most likely won't stay in business another 10 years.

What date is your event? Why should we start talking about carrots and peas and prices if I am already booked that day? Chef Martin cooks every meal, so he only takes one booking per day - during the summer the days book up fast - Saturdays especially.

Where is your event? We aren't trying to pry, we want to know so we can give you a proper quote to do a great job. We are often asked to work in crazy conditions and that requires more staff. We have been asked to work in places where there is no power or running water that requires more planning. We have been asked to drive 4 hours away to do weddings... well obviously we need to know that upfront so we can plan accordingly.

How many people will you have? Just a note, it's much easier to get a better price with large numbers.

What kind of food do you want? Remember that prawns cost more than chicken, so be logical when setting your price per person. If you expect the restaurant food to come to you, it is normal that it will cost a touch more, just like if you would go out to the restaurant versus ordering take-out. While making your budget keep in mind that the more elaborate menu and/or unique ideas you want, the more staff it will require to put together.

Would you BBQ just the meat? We only offer one option: we do all the food or nothing at all. If you wish to do a potluck, save time and do not ask us to do half of it for you. All food served at an event will reflect on us so we are not interested to do just meat. We are trained professionals and we want to ensure a standard and your safety. Are you sure that your Uncle Bob can cook 200 burgers correctly? Are you sure that your Aunt Sophie knows about Food Safe? What about your second cousin, can he really do enough food for your crowd because he watches the Food Network every day?

We only take money :) We do not take a trade off to paint our house, we do not take sheep or hay bales as a payment because you are a farmer and you happen to have lots of those. We do not trade services for a new TV or couch. We do not trade our services for advertising or any other services you may have to offer. We do not trade our services for anything except money. Sorry, but my bank manager has advised me that we can no longer bring sheep to deposit in our bank account.

We charge 18% gratuities.
Taxes only apply because we have no choice; talk to your political leaders if you have any complaints with that one.

Servers, we will not work with your cousin, neighbor, co-worker, sister or friend of a friend of a friend... We hire some of the best in the industry and we have been working together for a while. Our people know how we like things to be done, they show up and deliver every time. They are professionals and they aren't worried about missing a special moment during your event.

Chef Martin offer his services for wedddings in the Okanagan Valley since 2004
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Private Chef Martin has been catering in the Okanagan Valley including
Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton since 2004
with 34 years of experience

Pig Roast

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Chef Martin for your Okanagan wedding also in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, BC, Canada.(250)878-8500

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