The Chef in Stead at Rabbit Hollow
Make payments - it's fast, easy and secure!

We are thrilled you will be joining us for a Rabbit Hollow event in 2019!

Please make your payment using one of the 3 options below, and send us an email with your details for confirmation.
We need to know:
- Number of people attending (e.g. 1 couple, 1 adult & child, 3 adults)
- Date and name of event you are attending
- The names of all guests attending (so we can welcome you properly when you arrive)

We will send an email the week of the event welcoming you and confirming details.

For any questions, please contact us: phone: 778-363-2969 or email:

1- E-Transfer
This is my preferred payment option as it is fast from your bank to my bank,
very secure, simple for you to use,
and has no major fees to you or me.
just click...
then follow the instructions from your bank
OR you can go directly to your bank online and do it...
Use a ONE WORD simple password like FOOD or CHEF or PIZZA or WEDDING or LOVE and send it to me via the email you've been using all this time.
** PLEASE do not try multiple words, it does not work...**


2- By Credit Cards

Not my favorite payment option due to fees...
ALL credit card payment please add 3% to the final bill.

PLEASE NOTE: ** I do not accept unsecured credit card payment by phone or by email... **


3- By Cheque

a cheque by SNAIL MAIL at the address below also work great!
Cheque made to: Martin Laprise or The Chef in Stead
3607 Paynter rd
West Kelowna, BC
V4T 1R1

Please include the date of your event
Thank you for your payment.

Chef Martin Laprise