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A great option for Pig Roast Event in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton or the entire Okanagan

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******* Keith's Family Pig Roast , Penticton 2010 *********Fire on Water Fund Raiser's Pig Roast, Kelowna 2010

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*** Southby's Family Lamb Roast, Kelowna 2010 *********Winter Pig Roast at Big White, 2011

Pig Roast
Too many people couldn't take care of my equipment properly, we stopped renting!

NOTES: We do not deliver cooked pig anywhere, ever! We roast on location only!
We do not participate in half baked ideas like "my mom is going to make potatoes salad and we want you to do just the pig for us" or any other POTLUCK ideas you may have. We only offer one service, and it's a fully catered pig roast event.

A pig roast is a unique type of event that is always loads of fun and is sure to get a few vegetarians talking!
It's a visual event, the pig will be set up whole on a table and carved in front of your guests.
If you do not want the pig to be carved in front of people this is not for you.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Our pig roast are for 40 people MINIMUM and 80 people MAXIMUM - NO exceptions

Now many of you would be fine with a piglet on a rotisserie, but many of your guests will not find that very appetizing and neither do I...
This is a fun experience but it will need some's not a last minute idea... the butcher does not keep a pig in his fridge just in case you may call one day. I need to order your pig ahead of time, around 7 to 10 days minimum.

This electric powdered charcoal rotisserie will be set up in your yard or driveway.

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Private Chef Martin for dinner parties of all size in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton.

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