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Okanagan caterers can provide a great service for very specific needs. If you do not wish to have anyone cook in your kitchen a catering company is perfect for you. Usually a catering company will send a team of employees to your house (a cook and a server at the minimum) and they will take care of your special day. They usually prepare your food in their kitchen ahead of time and bring it to you whenever you wish, all ready to eat. They will reheat everything and serve it at your convenience.

The catering concept has been around for a long time and it is a very competitive industry, so make sure you shop around before you put ink to paper. Just like with any food, the quality and price can vary; presentation can be more exotic with everything made in advance by a team but that also costs more, just like in a restaurant.

The Chef in Stead is not your average catering service and it's not for everyone. The one big advantage is simple: if you are someone who really enjoys food and likes everything to do with the making of great food, The Chef in Stead will amaze you with a personalized, "real-time" experience. All food will be cooked on location whether it is a wedding for 150 people or small dinner party for 8, nothing is pre-made days ahead and nothing is reheated. Chef Martin is not an employee, he is the owner operator of The Chef in Stead, and with that said, he will always be the one you will see assuring that all goes well. He will show up at your location with his tools and start preparing your dinner. It is an all day affair because everything is done from scratch in your kitchen, at a campground, hall, beach, church or even a parking lot.

The Chef in Stead does have some similarities to a regular caterer: he can provide servers, bartenders, and even an event coordinator if you wish. "I am in the business of making people happy!" says Chef Martin.

If you wish to watch the chef in action you are welcome to sit and watch him cook while asking hundreds of questions. The Chef in Stead idea came together mostly because Chef Martin was not interested in starting a catering company. " I have a lot of respect for Okanagan caterers. They have sometimes two, three and four events on the same day and they have to coordinate all their staff and equipment for each of those events while sending one of those teams to cook at your house unsupervised. I have never been a big fan of transporting prepared food - it is way too risky for my taste. You can spend all week preparing for an event and with one false move in the truck on your way there, suddenly you are wearing mashed potatoes and peppercorn sauce - no thank you", says Chef Martin. After a career of being in the kitchen with the cooks, Chef Martin is ecstatic to be cooking with his guests, sharing his secrets and putting everyone at ease with his entertaining personality.

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