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Private Chef Martin Catering in Kelowna,Vernon,Penticton,Okanagan, BC, Canada

Comments from Chef Martin

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Hi Martin
You did an amazing job!! The food and service was outstanding. The Chef in Stead is WHO you want to complete your event.

TailGate Party Naramata TailGate Party Naramata
Julie, Naramata

Hi Chef Martin,
TailGate Party Naramata TailGate Party Naramata
Attached are some photos of the BBQ event taken at our 2010 show.
Deena, Westwinn Group Corp, Vernon


The pork was amazing !Our family is so food oriented....we certainly appreciate GREAT cooking ! Hope to hear from you soon.....

Julie Kembel and Family, West Kelowna BC

Thank you for an amazing forno experience last night.
As always, the food was fantastic!

Ingrid & Bart, West Kelowna

Hi Martin:
Thanks again for the fab.evening ,your the best.

Love Patti & Norm, Vernon BC

Here is a photo of that fabulous dessert you did.
Thanks for a great meal!!

Joan, Kelowna - Okanagan

Everybody was absolutely blown away with the food!! It couldn't have been any better.

It certainly was a pleasure having you cook in my kitchen and to see you and your daughter how great you work together and get along. What a great helper you have there!

Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon,

Michaela, Vernon - Okanagan

Everything was awesome! Had a few girlfriends over the next day so we finished all the leftovers. Thanks,

Britt, Edmonton/kelowna

Hello Martin Thank you again for a fantastic day, we all enjoyed ourselves and your company very much...and the cooking wasn't too bad either!! Actually...we are still stuffed and the food was amazing!

Brad and I will look forward to seeing you in our kitchen (or yours) again soon!

Have a great evening!

Jennifer, Kelowna - Okanagan

Hi Martin,

Thanks again for an excellent evening and meal, much appreciated.

Have a great weekend

Susan, Peachland, BC, Canada

Hi Martin,

We're back in Vancouver now.

Thanks again for a lovely meal. We all really enjoyed it (and the leftover tarte the day after) and had a lot of fun too.

We would definitely give you a call again should we be back for a visit to the Kelowna area.


Jennifer, Vancouver , BC

Hi Chef Martin,

Thank you for a fabulous day and for making our 40th Anniversary so special!!! I'm sure our neighbours thank you too!!! Have a wonderful day,

Trish, Kelowna - Okanagan

Hi Martin,

Thanks very much for sending the book. We loved the dinner in Kelowna.

Thanks again,
Linda, Whistler, BC

As regular viewers of "Okanagan Now" we always looked forward to your cooking portion of the show with Sandy Dawson. Thanks for all the great cooking lessons!

Regards, Brian, Kelowna

Thanks so much Chef, for the fantastic ribs + chickens + sides and appies. Every thing was fantastic - all the guests loved your "talk". You did a great job as always.


Jennifer, Kelowna - Okanagan

Chef Martin;

A good day was had by all of us. We all loved the food and Chloae is a great asset for you.

Thanks Jim, Kelowna, Okanagan

Hi There,

Here are some photos from dinner last night. It sure was enjoyable. I don't think I have ever eaten so much in my life.

west-kelowna west-kelowna


Monica, Joe Rich Area, BC

Hello Martin,

We had a wonderful evening and a wonderful dinner. I can't thank you enough.

Okanagan Wine tour Kelowna Winery tasting
Everyone was still raving about how wonderful everything was this morning! Respectfully,

Krystyna, Ukrainian Church, Kelowna / Okanagan

Martin, Thank you so much. The food was incredible - our guests raved about it!

See you soon.

Susan, Lake Country/Kelowna

Hi Martin,

Thanks, the guys all really enjoyed the lunch...lots of positive feedback, and want to know when the next one is! Sorry I had to miss it.


Gary, PCL Constructors Westcoast, Kelowna-BC-Canada

Martin, Thanks for a great night, everyone was raving and the people that were not there were jealeous.

Thanks again ,

Bryan Nikilchuk, Kelowna BC

Hi Martin:

I just wanted to thank you very much for such an awesome day and for making my 50th Birthday the Best!!!

My Aunt and Uncle from Victoria and my parents absolutely enjoyed the day with you, even my kids! You kept us all attentive and we didn't want to miss a thing! You never know when Scott may be giving you a call about the "Chocolate Dessert".

Thanks again Martin and we'll definately be in touch!


Hi Chef Martin

Just wanted to let you know, your recipe for Halibut and Red Curry Sauce was spectacular, as was your recipe for Pork Mustard Ribs.

We had them tonight….DELICIOUS, this recipe is a KEEPER!! Hannelore Brown, Kelowna

Hi Chef Martin We had a marvellous time this weekend. The food was fabulous! I'm just waiting for another special occasion so we can do it all again!


Jacqui, Kelowna Okanagan

HI Martin:

Another crazy week...Thanks a million for a wonderful dinner,everyone enjoyed you very much.

Patti, Vernon BC

Hi Chef Martin,

It was lots of fun having you at the house tonight, we'll definitely book you again!

Thanks so much,

Leslie, Kelowna Okanagan, BC


Thank you for the outstanding Oscar's dinner fare - who knew that celebrity gazing could bring celebrity grazing….Goldie Prawns, Britney Spears of asparagus, Cake Winslet and Leonardo Cappuccino to name but a few.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Lee, Mike, Jamey and Sammy, Calgary, AB

Chef, Thank you for the outstanding Oscar's dinner fare - who knew that celebrity gazing could bring celebrity grazing….Goldie Prawns, Britney Spears of asparagus, Cake Winslet and Leonardo Cappuccino to name but a few. Thank you thank you thank you!

Lee, Mike, Jamey and Sammy, Calgary, AB

Lee Stanfield

The tart was delicious. We enjoyed a piece that evening so it was room temperature.

The next day we shared it with friends after being in the fridge over night. Again equally as enjoyable. I think I preferred it chilled. I'll be in touch.

Chris, Kelowna, BC

Hi Chef Martin;

We so enjoyed the food you left... Kev and I ate like pigs and of course Wendy and Brad got in there too (not like them to ever miss a great meal by The Chef!!)

I hope the kitchen worked out well for your tapings. You know if you ever need a kitchen, I would be more than happy to give you mine for the day. I'm just sorry that I couldn't be there to let your entourage in, maybe next time.

Hope your reno's for your outdoor cookery is coming along.

Take care,
Julie Rowat, West Kelowna, BC

Thank you Chef for the recipes and the great evening. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Kerry Slater, Kelowna/BC

Chef Martin,

Dinner was lovely. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. We are definitely inspired to try out some new recipes and get a bit more creative in our own Kitchen now that we can see the possibilities.

We don't have any plans for a fancy dinner in the near future, but I am sure that we will come up with a reason to spoil ourselves again.

Nicole, Kelowna-Okanagan-BC

Hi Martin,

Having a place at Big White has been a huge lifestyle upgrade for us. A terrific place to bring friends and families to “get a way” and ski. Your involvement has made the time there even more special. Thanks for the terrific evening again this year.

I look forward to some time and culinary skill development at RH.


Jim Penner, FCGA, Winnipeg/Big White

You were right chef... those kids think that your caramel sauce is the world's best,
so I will be needing to make that recipe again sometime (among other things). Thank you again for a wonderful evening....
I'm sure we'll see you again in the future.

Karen Wiseman, Vernon-BC

Hello Martin: I am enclosing a couple of photos from our wonderful dinner party. Thank you so much for everything - it was all I was hoping for and more!!

west-kelowna west-kelowna
Family and friends were delighted and are already thinking of when they can book dinner parties. I loved the way you took over my kitchen while I sat and watched and chatted with you - such a treat. I have had a few requests from my guests for recipes. If you could find time during you pre-Christmas busy schedule I would really appreciate receiving recipes for a couple of the delicous appies - the lime prawns and the hot crab dip.

Thanks Martin again - you're the best.


Gene & Barb Fischer, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Hey Martin – thank you so much for a fantastic meal, complete with wine pairings. The entire office staff felt it was our best Christmas party to date, and we greatly appreciate your contribution to that!

We all look forward to the next time we learn from, and laugh with – our personal Chef.

Looking forward to those recipes too, when you have a moment. I didn’t see any of them on the web page, but will keep checking there also.

Kathy Goldie, Vernon, BC


Just wanted to extend a big thanks to you from the guys at The Kelowna Central firehall.
They enjoyed your talks and of course the food .
Send our wishes to you and your family for a great holiday season .
Now when you here someone say “firefighters , all they do is eat and sleep, you can let them know they are half right .

"You witnessed some of the cool things about this job, the camaraderie and the rush of helping people."

take care,

Firefighter Bryan Nykilchuk , Kelowna/Okanagan

Personal - Private Chef Martin Catering Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton, Okanagan, BC for your cooking holiday. Proud Supporter of The Kelowna Rotary Centre for the Arts